Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need me to do before you get here?

Here are a few guidelines to follow in preparation of our arrival:

  • Remove small and/or personal items from the floors in the rooms that we will be cleaning and remove breakable items from on top of any furniture we will be moving for you.
  • Even though our technicians are trustworthy beyond measure, you protect us as well as yourself when you secure valuable items you might normally leave out in the open.
  • If possible, gather up draperies, furniture skirts, and bed skirts so that they are not touching the floor.
  • We will clean around or under large or heavy items, computer equipment, or antique/fragile furniture to the best of our ability. If you require items like these to be moved, please hire a professional mover to store them and put them back in place when ready.
  • Secure your pets in a safe area where we will not be cleaning so that we do not accidentally let them escape.
  • Upon your technician’s arrival, please point out any problem areas, spots, stains, or furniture that may need extra care while moving due to pre-existing damage or wear.
What do you need me to do before you get here