Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you take rugs out for cleaning?

Pre-inspection, dusting, washing, drying, odor removal, repairs, and many other hands-on rug care services are all done in our carefully controlled rug care center.

To be truly effective when removing embedded soils, stains, odors, and pet urine, we need to be able to flush large amounts of fresh, cold water and cleaning solutions through the fibers of your rugs. We need to have total access to the rugs during the cleaning process, as many of the steps we take require time and care, and the drying process must be temperature and humidity controlled so that the fibers and dyes of your area rugs are protected.

If we attempted to clean rugs in your home, we would be unable to remove impacted soils and pet hair with our dusting equipment. We’d be forced to use heat settings and pre-sprays used in carpet cleaning systems and drying would take far too long. Improper cleaning like this leads to mildew, odors, dye damage, and texture change.

Why do you take rugs out for cleaning